I Want to Make a Difference!

Let's work together to advance healthy childhood nutrition!

This Healthy Childhood Nutrition course is for anyone interested in raising healthy, plant-based children and improving the nutritional quality of the meals children consume. Learn about how food affects childhood development and mental health, tips and tricks for feeding your kids while traveling, and how to navigate social settings with family and friends. This course also contains resources for working with school nutrition programs to improve the quality of food served at the school(s) in your community. Learn how to form a school food committee, how to work with your school's food service director, institute a Meatless Monday Campaign, and more. Get connected with organizations that are working to advance school lunches to help you achieve a wide range of goals.

You can find additional information about raising healthy plant-based children by watching the "Nutrition for Families" webinar with Dr. Reshma Shah MD, MPH and Brenda Davis, RD.

Welcome! This course is adapted from the PlantPure Communities School Lunch Toolkit. To learn more about PlantPure Communities, please visit our website.

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