Help Make Restaurants More Plant-Based Friendly!

Would you like to see more plant-based options when dining out? We would, too! The Restaurant Campaign is a “How-to” guide for Pods and other advocates to create change in their communities by getting restaurants everywhere to offer at least one plant-based, oil-free dish on their menus. Enroll in this free course to learn how to participate in the restaurant campaign in your community.

Make a difference at your local restaurants today by increasing the number of nutritious plant-based meals offered on the menu!

Inspire your Pod to take action

Work with your Pod to develop a strategy for getting restaurants on board.

Work with restaurant owners & managers to implement a menu change

Learn how to approach restaurant owners and managers and what to share with them.

Support plant-based friendly restaurants

Write positive reviews and spread the news on social media once a restaurant has made a menu change!

Perks of Participating in the Campaign

  • Easy to join and free for restaurants to participate
  • Form connections within your community
  • Increase plant-based options at your favorite restaurants
  • Rally your Pod members around a common goal
  • Help veg-friendly restaurants grow!

How to Conduct a Restaurant Campaign Curriculum

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Make a Difference at Your Favorite Restaurant Today!

Work with your Pod, restaurant owners, and managers to increase the number of plant-based food options in your community.